Where Do I Start With Social Media Marketing?

Get Comfortable

The truth is, if you don’t use it you won’t be comfortable. It’ll feel like an alien planet and you won’t see the point.

Yet, if you want to use Facebook for business, you need to start using it. That’s the only way you’ll get comfortable with how it works.

When you open a Facebook account, you’ll have the opportunity to put a picture in the upper left corner and build out your profile with stuff like your interests and educational background. Fill it out. It shows you’re a real person with real interests.

If, like a lot of my clients, you have the account but haven’t used it in a month, then get into the habit of checking it 2-3 times a week. Read your newsfeed (that’s the information your friends and family post-they’re called “posts”.)

Start “liking” them, (click “like” underneath) and comment once in a while. Your friends and family will appreciate the interaction. Plus, you’ll get acclimated to the online climate and it won’t seem so “scary”.

Facebook for Business

Using Facebook for business is different from personal use because you have a plan. (You do have a plan don’t you?)

Think about your goals for your business-“getting more clients” is too broad. Think about ways you can use Facebook to interact with your prospects. Who are they? Where are they? How can you help them?

Develop a Plan

How often will you post? Consistency is important. It shows you’re reliable and credible. For most small businesses 3-5 times a week is completely manageable (I’ll show you how in a minute!) and should be your minimum.

What do I Post?

This is a popular question and there’s no “one size fits all” answer. But, there are guidelines and here they are:

1) Be helpful-offer useful tips and answer common questions
2) Mix it up-Share updates (posts), photos and videos (research shows these are the most commonly clicked on links on FB)
3) Share other people’s stuff-the web is about connection and sharing. So, share relevant links and articles you come across that your audience would find interesting.

How Much Time Will This Take?

Assuming your familar with the tools, i.e., Facebook or other channel of your choosing, it’s really more about a mindset and getting prepared.

Once you start thinking of social media marketing as part of your business, you’ll approach like any other business strategy and plan accordingly. Done right, it doesn’t have to eat up all your time.

Learn more about social media marketing for small business at my website and download your copy of 5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes Small Busineses Make.