Social Media Strategy and Your Business Website

You never can think of a business without a proper strategy and a business website. Same is the case when you plan your marketing via Social networking. While considering Social sites for marketing you must have an exact Social Media Strategy that fits best as per the site you have for your business.

Social Media Strategy is actually about the changes which are capable of a massive contribution towards the optimization of the concerned site to bring more traffic/users/leads/prospects. It is rather a modern skill which needs to be adapted to strengthen business. The following would provide you with tips for the better usability of the social sites to optimize your business website. The first step towards improving your business website is to provide it a better link ability. There are many sites that are regarded as static, in the sense that they are rarely updated. Here comes the role of Social sites which are being updated almost every fraction of second by its large user base. So, a word promoted with these sites can hit the high graph of traffic.

The three important requirements:

1st: In order to provide the website a better link ability it is better to add a blog to it. This is the first step towards making your website a popular one. One must ensure the easy tagging or bookmarking of the website as per the applications of the social sites. Adding quick buttons to the website may also help and adding suitable links to social sites like YouTube, Digg, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, blogger, MySpace, LinkedIn would also be of a great help.

2nd: It is essential to give good amount of importance to the content and it is also desirable to have the content in the form of pdf, video etc wherever possible. They would simply enable content travel. One need not spend lots of money for re-inventing the same concept! Social networking in 2010 has a great scope.

3rd: Moderation of sites are available free of cost as Ning and similar sites give the freedom of moderating a website with ease. The website which is Ajax enable simply improves the response time of the site! So using these free services to implement a strategy that promotes your site through social networking site is a good idea. There is a strategy called the associative media marketing which would combine the concept of social networking and social media marketing.

Social Media Strategy concentrates around user driven sites of good repute and related communities used to build reciprocal links to other sites & blogs. They really can create good volume traffic and a healthy ranking of search in search engines. Blame it on the competition that there is an immense need to improve the uniqueness of the business websites & blogs to get higher amounts of traffic. Maintaining a website with a proper Social networking promotion strategy in place would definitely do a magnificent job in promoting the business.

Where Do I Start With Social Media Marketing?

Get Comfortable

The truth is, if you don’t use it you won’t be comfortable. It’ll feel like an alien planet and you won’t see the point.

Yet, if you want to use Facebook for business, you need to start using it. That’s the only way you’ll get comfortable with how it works.

When you open a Facebook account, you’ll have the opportunity to put a picture in the upper left corner and build out your profile with stuff like your interests and educational background. Fill it out. It shows you’re a real person with real interests.

If, like a lot of my clients, you have the account but haven’t used it in a month, then get into the habit of checking it 2-3 times a week. Read your newsfeed (that’s the information your friends and family post-they’re called “posts”.)

Start “liking” them, (click “like” underneath) and comment once in a while. Your friends and family will appreciate the interaction. Plus, you’ll get acclimated to the online climate and it won’t seem so “scary”.

Facebook for Business

Using Facebook for business is different from personal use because you have a plan. (You do have a plan don’t you?)

Think about your goals for your business-“getting more clients” is too broad. Think about ways you can use Facebook to interact with your prospects. Who are they? Where are they? How can you help them?

Develop a Plan

How often will you post? Consistency is important. It shows you’re reliable and credible. For most small businesses 3-5 times a week is completely manageable (I’ll show you how in a minute!) and should be your minimum.

What do I Post?

This is a popular question and there’s no “one size fits all” answer. But, there are guidelines and here they are:

1) Be helpful-offer useful tips and answer common questions
2) Mix it up-Share updates (posts), photos and videos (research shows these are the most commonly clicked on links on FB)
3) Share other people’s stuff-the web is about connection and sharing. So, share relevant links and articles you come across that your audience would find interesting.

How Much Time Will This Take?

Assuming your familar with the tools, i.e., Facebook or other channel of your choosing, it’s really more about a mindset and getting prepared.

Once you start thinking of social media marketing as part of your business, you’ll approach like any other business strategy and plan accordingly. Done right, it doesn’t have to eat up all your time.

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